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Please include the the following information to ensure you submission can be posted properly.

Name / Cosplay identity
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Deviantart, etc)
Photographer credits (if available)

Please submit as many pictures as you like, there is no limit or amount of times you can be featured. All items submitted may be featured on one or all of ShareMyCosplay’s Social Media sites with the understanding that full credit will be given to the submitter (& photographer if provided).

All we ask in return for sharing your work is that you could possibly “share” our post with your own friends and followers.

Also why we do freely accept submissions through Facebook & Tumblr, our primarily method is e-mail.

Only have Instagram? Why not tag us. We go through our tags daily and repost some of our favorites.

Single Shots Vs Photo Sets

You’re welcome to submit either single shots or full photo sets (4 – 8+ pictures) of your cosplay. Larger photos shoots that are submitted are given first opportunity to be featured on our website as part of our #SMCDaily series, where single shots will be more likely to be featured on our Social Media pages.


Unfortunately due to the volume of high quality submissions we receive every week, we will no longer be accept “selfies”.

Also we’ve decided to no longer participate in Share 4 Shares (s4s) on Facebook. If you’re interested in having your page shared on our pages, we suggest sending in a submission with the required social media links, and we’d be more than happy to share it with our followers. 

Please limit submissions to individual file sizes to 10 mbs. Anything over that may need to be resized.

As well due to the amount of submissions we get each week, it could possibly take up to several weeks to have your submission cycle through the queue. Don’t worry we will post your work. 

Having potential issues with “”? Use the backup address “”

Updated: April 13, 2018

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